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An interview with Dig Two Graves.

We asked Kenny and Josh from ‘Dig Two Graves’ a series of questions about their latest release ‘Deathspeaker’?

They both seem full of personality with their favourite animals being an orange cat and a triceratops.

This left us wondering what was behind the creative processes.

Josh: “I just picked up my guitar, played it for a sec and was like hey that’s got sauce.”

Taking inspirations from Kanye West, Sarah Bonito and Death Grips. The band have encountered both positives and negatives in the industry.

Kenny: “One great thing about music is you meet a lot of cool people, mostly from playing shows. Problem is, it’s hard to make money. “

Josh: “The commodification of music as a concept is kind of cringe. But at least it’s easier than ever to get your art out there. “

Have you always wanted to do what you’re doing now? Was there a Plan B/ another career choice? 

Kenny: “As a young lad I wanted to be an Architect but I don’t think that would have actually happened. Other than that I didn’t have any other career paths I really thought about.”

Josh: “I’m in college right now for the heck of it, but I don’t like to plan out life so we’ll see what actually happens. “

We’re looking forward to covering Dig Two Graves musical journey check them out below !

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