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What Ade Fabola did in lockdown.

We got to catch up with Ade Fabola (Dr Fabola) about his lockdown inspired track.

‘Something Good’ is about yearning for hope and positivity in the wake of disaster and isolation. I feel like this resonates with a lot of people at the moment given the state of the world – the pandemic, the political unrest and everything that appears to be upside down. The song is for everyone and anyone who yearns for that little bit of light at the end of this long dark tunnel we find ourselves travelling through.

Ade takes inspiration from Tracy Chapman, Tallest Man On Earth, Nina Simone and Bob Dylan. The song took shape during lockdown .

“I was overwhelmed by just how different everything was – business places out of work, social outlets closed, people panic-buying in the shops – and on top of all these, the isolation blues got to me a little bit. All I could think was “man, we could use some good news right about now”, which  eventually turned into the line “I could do with something good ”

What is one positive thing and one not so positive thing you have learned about being in a band / the music industry?

“One positive thing is being exposed to so many cool artists and bands on the underground scene. I’ve discovered so many amazing new music just from the proximity and being involved on the local scene. One not so positive thing I’ve found can be summed up in a word – gatekeepers…or is that two words?”

Check out Something Good below.

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