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The song opens with a catchy, repeated chorus segment that surely must feature a minor chord or two.

The vocals almost echo “The Courteeners” style, easily flowing from low to higher notes whilst maintaining the recurring desire of wanting to be famous, “I want to be just like them, fabulous, high income”.

The rhymes are clever and catchy, they don’t sound cliché but they have just the right element of sarcasm to come across as comical but also perhaps ode to the fact that the desirable celebrity lifestyle is not all that it seems.

My favourite part of song is around the 2-minute mark when the music and lyrics abruptly stop on and off before flowing back to the catchy chorus.

There is a consistent palette of well-produced background music, as well as a vocalist with character in his voice.

Sugarstone are clearly compelling musicians who have plenty more to offer their audiences.

Words Emma Stevens

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