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Fruit Tones Tour !

Fruit Tones are going on tour soon to promote their debut album. They are a rock and roll band originating from Manchester, “the centre of the pop universe” as mentioned in one of their interviews with The Monitors. With descriptions about them varying from “a force of nature” to “the left handed bassist plays a right handed bass upside down”, this is not going to be a tour you’re wanting to miss.

With funky, groovy and catchy lyrics and soundscapes, they definitely have a dent in the Manchester music scene, and they own it. Their songs generally range from around the 2 minutes to 3-minute mark, full of energy and interesting takes on common subjects. Their artwork is illustrated and enrapturing, and their songs are unforgettable.

Check out the events they’ll be playing at here:

13th April – Common Bar, Manchester, event starts at 5pm.

18th April – East Street Tap, Brighton, event starts at 7:30pm.

20th April – Bassment Bar, Chelmsford, event starts at 8:00pm.

2nd May – New River Studios, London, event starts at 7:30pm.

3rd May – NICE N SLEAZY, Glasgow, event starts at 8:00pm.

11th May – The Peer Hat, Manchester, event starts at 3:00pm.

27th May – Blue Shell, Cologne, event starts at 7:00pm.

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