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The Treble – All The People

Whenever I  put my headphones on I always make sure the volume is the highest it can possibly go and that the bass is cranked up to the max.

Always the bass ! I want to make sure all of my thoughts dissolve and the only thing I can hear and feel is the music.

So it became evidently clear that it wasn’t more of the bass I needed but it was more of ‘The Treble’. Much more!

I was instantly blown away. Who is this band? Why have I not come across them before? These questions demanded answers but first I had to listen to the new single ‘All The People’ by canadian rockers ‘The Treble’.

The hook is immediately there. The way the keys are played with simplicity makes each and every note much more distinguishable than the last. It’s a pattern you will have a hard time forgetting.

Both the bass and drums work in harmony locking down the groove and giving it much more energy. The way the rhythm works throughout the track is absolutely key to taking the song through the verses and raising it up when getting to the high octane chorus. It just works!

I also like the subtleness of the guitar. It’s subdued but also very effective. It really adds punch to the chorus, but it’s not overkill it’s just right. But where the guitar really comes to life is at the bridge. It’s melodic and sounds great. The reverb and slight delay gives depth to the overall feel.

I’m a firm believer that every song means something different to everyone. That’s no different here. Is it about separation? Loneliness? Emptiness? Make up your own mind. Personally for me I think of togetherness and a willingness that together we will conquer whatever we face.

There is absolutely no doubt that the best part is the insanely catchy chorus. That’s what every great track hungers for, but this track has it in abundance.  If you want a song with a great chorus, look no further.


‘All The People’ is the latest single to be released on the forthcoming studio album ‘Sophomore’.

On the 24th of April it will be readily available on all major streaming platforms.

Words by Ashleigh Vaughan




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