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Ted Kennedy- Not Enough

The immediate attack of techno synth and pounding kick drum had me reeling and confused for I suspected a run-of-the-mill electronica instrumental with predictable drops etc. Instead pleasant surprises await as moody baritones emanate chorally from the lungs of Ted Kennedy, swirling misty-eyed and melancholic through a new wave wormhole, reaching outside the warp for modern electronic soundscapes whilst grasping fleeting elements of Depeche Mode, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Gary Numan the list goes on and on and on and it never becomes dull.

Not Enough is a nostalgic timepiece, can hear the pure love and respect for musical forebears along with the desire to grow and create something new and refreshing. A guilty cinematic pleasure as we all agree a TASTE OF LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH.

It’s a perfect soundtrack for an existential crisis in a packed-out nightclub as distorted bodies flash past and only you are left with vacant eyes as the love of your life disappears into strobelight sunset. Or perhaps a nocturnal drive after multiple nights of sleep deprivation contemplating past loves as your foot applies great pressure to accelerate dramatically into a better time….. The 80’s.

As well as being a talented producer and musician Ted Kennedy is also founder/curator of Frequencies, a Toronto based forward thinking musical hub, keeping underground dance alive against all odds e.g. cost of living, rising rent prices, club shutdowns. This track is a testament to all the hard work put in by these musicians despite the curveballs they must dodge as underground artists with dayjobs/roommates. Godspeed to him and his associates as they fight for the glory of independent music.

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Words Brad Ford

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