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Self-taught musician Luke Puzzar decided to take music seriously as a career path in his early twenties. His upcoming solo project Ozade – The River Ouse is set to be a multi-layered delight of musicianship, featuring catchy, funky beats and bass with various tones and instruments panned to ensure no area of the context you are listening from is left out.

There are heavy themes of nature, almost rainforest type sounds on some of the music. On top of this are clear-cut vocals that don’t try to be anything they are not, “there’s nothing we can’t do” and “throw me away, say you don’t want me”. It’s difficult to put a name on the genre, but the best estimate is that it slots well in a cross of indie rock and singer-songwriter.

The concept is sharp, the vocals are prepossessing and I look forward to 10th May 2019 to hear it in full!

Luke Puzzar.jpg

Click here to listen to the teaser of the track.

Words Emma Stevens

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