Stuart Blance

Today I want to introduce you to the singer/songwriter Stuart Blance, based in Scotland.

As a solo artist, his style can be found in the 60s and 70s and his discography dates back to 1999 when he released his first EP ” Slower Than The Flow”.

His influences range from Donovan and Peter Gabriel just like from Paul Simon, The Smashing Pumpkins and David Bowie and yet he has developed his own style over the years, which makes him a unique musician.

In 2001 followed the album “Utopia” which I can call one of my all time favorites without exaggeration.


It is therefore not surprising that this album brought Stuart a number of opportunities in the music industry and a lot of AirPlay.

After a break for 6 years he came back with the EP “ On Your Side”, which showed a very empathetic and sensitive side of him and his songwriting.

Since then Stuart has been gigging and writing more with view to recording his long awaited album number 2 hopefully in time for 20th anniversary of his first album.

If you are looking for a really exceptional singer you are exactly right with Stuart and his music. Every song is honest, soulful and a roller coaster of feelings without ever being slushy or boring. When listening, you find yourself again in situations that we have all experienced. Sad, emotional, melancholic, hopeful … and all sung with an unmistakable voice and with a noticeable passion for music.

Article by Martina Doerner



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