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Cooper Phillip – Speak in Tongues

Soul/pop artist Cooper Phillip has just released new single “Speak in Tongues,” a dreamy, passionate track charged with lyrics engulfed in metaphors and delivered through powerful vocals. The accompanying video has been highly anticipated by her fanbase oozing professionalism and the tell-tale signs of a modern-day songstress.

The video opens with an out of focus angle of Cooper sat in a dimly lit room with hazy lighting, however rather than create a sombre ambience it just reiterates primary focus on the singer. The settings vary as the track progresses flitting to scenes with the singer walking in a cactus filled desert with creative video effects multiplying or fading her, as well as scenes of her with a sports car. A lot of the camera angles place focus on her body movements and hand gestures to convey the raw emotion she sings of; however, it feels at times the camera lingers too long on certain areas of her body perhaps to exude her strong sensuality. The stark contrast between the dark, hazy beginning and the bright, dreamy desert scenes take the viewer on a journey with Cooper as she ponders on her thoughts throughout the track.

Romance and tales of love are connoted not only through the lyricism but also using colours especially when airy floating sheets in a vibrant red encompass Cooper and a male figure. This is a track most twenty somethings can probably relate to and the visual imagery created likens the video to a cinematic performance at times similar to that found in young adult films. An easy listening track to whack on your commute playlist if you are a fan of pop and melodious female vocals!


 Words Kerri Marie Lacey

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