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Trade Secrets – True North

Trade secrets are a future synth collective who have just dropped single “True North”. The track opens with a trademark EDM style beat drenched in futuristic elements that makes you envision layer upon layer of sound waves. Close your eyes and picture a disco ball overhead, flashing lights and busy bodies brushing up against one another in a drunken haze. It oozes electro pop melodies paired with harmonious vocals to create a holiday dancefloor track. The lyrics are simple and don’t necessarily conjure up any emotions, however it successfully culminates to transport the listener to a floaty state.

This genre is not typically my cup of tea, but I can perceive why some people would enjoy this track. It emits the idea of sunshine, drinks, dancing and carefree mind of state that you experience abroad, therefore it can be perceived as an escape from reality. I feel that this track needs listening to intently to delve below its surface to break down its layers and engulf yourself within; otherwise you may miss the intended symbolism. However, on a personal level due to preference in music I was not able to see past the synth laden melodies and electronic beats.


Words Kerri Lacey Marie

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