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Kelsy Karter- God Knows I’ve Tried

LA based artist Kelsy Karter has a pretty good grasp on how to use music to express herself. Fresh from working with Cage The Elephant and Alex Da Kid, she is hitting us with deeply powerful single ‘God Knows I’ve Tried’. A piece she refers to as: “my apology letter in the form of a rock&roll ballad”.

Drawing inspiration from the old spectrum of rock and roll fame such as The Rolling Stones, Queen and The Beatles, Karter has created a personal anecdote in which she showcases her rich vocals over the twanging guitar lead arrangement.

From the very beginning of the song, the seventies influence is evident; notably seeming to chime along to a similar style of Queen’s ‘Somebody To Love’. The sad yet smooth beginning places the listener into Karter’s mind where she tells us of the negativity in her past and apologises for her inadequacies.

Later on we are treated to a build-up of drums and twangs of guitar as Karter showcases the height of her impressive vocal ability. The mix of powerful vocals with the accents of the drum emphasise the raw passion of her mind. We hear this further when she breaks out of the chaos of the music: “But saying this out loud terrifies me” a reminder of how this is a deeply personal account and not a song to be played in the background.

This is a single sure many could listen to. We all experience the feeling of under-achievement at some point. For Karter to embody these emotions through the beauty of ballad form is something really quite admirable. She is a voice we should definitely keep a listen out for.

‘God Knows I’ve Tried’ is available now.

Words Chloe Winfield

Musik Magazine

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