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Island – quiet type

The delight of falling in love, the torment of falling out of love.
Neruda summed this up well with the quote “Love is so short, forgetting is so long”.
Usually, it’s never that simple, and rather the love crashes, burns, self-destructs or fades (or all four if you’re particularly lucky.)
‘quietype’ narrates the excruciating, long drawn-out process ingenuiously.
The emotional state of separate before the conclusion of a relationship is echoed into the slow, almost funeral-paced drums. The song is truly a lament to a relationship that will soon be long gone, with haunting tones and despondent lyrics. “I just wanna hold you, just hold you”.
You’ll find it impossible to not feel moved by this track – check it out on Spotify or Soundcloud today!
Words Emma Stevens

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