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Construct Sound Ticket Giveaway

The Exchange Student Concept –

But For Musicians!

Most of us are familiar with the idea of an exchange student system, where a student from one country goes to live with a family from another, and sometimes vice versa.

What about applying this idea to musicians?

Construct Sound in collaboration with Pure Techno present The DJ Residency Exchange Programme based on this very idea, stating “Cultural Exchange is achievable and desirable”.

Why shouldn’t it be?

Up-and-coming artists will be given the chance to perform at various events across cities and countries across the world to expand both their professional horizons and their musicianship.

They believe “giving these local artists these opportunities will benefit the entire culture of dance music”.

They stress that although the concept is starting with a techno event, it is the collective intention to expand the idea worldwide. Both the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are involved in Pure Techno, a new international event concept.

Together with Construct Sound (who internationally operate record labels and booking agencies) alongside The Cambridge Junction to enhance this standard of Culturual Exchange.

If a wide selection of techno music involving established international acts alongside up and coming artists interests you why not come along?

Ticket prices stand at £20.

There is also a giveaway currently taking place, readers will have a chance to win some amazing items.

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