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Weird Garden

It is the 100th Weird Garden event! The evening of live original sound and vision returns on Friday 10 April 2020.
The artists playing the concert are Fotgjengeren, Stoneygate, El Macho and Experimental Sonic Machines.

Christopher Manning, who created the eclectic musical project, Fotjengeren, is from New York who now lives in Tbilisi in Georgia. He plays saxophone, bass and does vocals.

From one album to the next Fotgjengeren has constantly evolved its style, ranging from progressive metal to more classical-like textures. It has been hard to categorise since its inception in 2011.

Earlier works feature contributions from members of the legendary avant-metal band Kayo Dot. In 2018’s release Purenas, Fotgjengeren chose to forego all previously used styles for a decidedly more ambient and electroacoustic record, featuring a spoken-word multilingual narrative from world travellers, for a visual-inducing and memory evoking experience.

Another of the acts playing is Stoneygate, an electronic artist and producer based in the East Midlands of the UK.

From a background of playing acoustic guitar and song writing, Stoneygate branched out into electronic music production, and released her first album Sleepwalker in December 2016, a chilled out, quirky, downtempo affair.

This was followed up in 2018 by the darker and edgier album Survival and a single Death Blinked First – an eerie, yet feisty, electro-swing number, largely inspired by her father’s determination to get back to normal following a very near-miss with the Grim Reaper.

Stoneygate has recently been concentrating on various collaborations with other artists, including providing synths for Matt Steady’s track Durdle Door, remixing Susan Moss’s song Tropical Breeze, and remixing and performing vocals on this 6-track EP with John Clark, Re:Bugged. More Stoneygate solo material is in the works, too.

El Macho’s music is bold and loud, like no other has heard or seen before. They will also be featured in the show.


The evening starts at 6pm with an outdoor performance near Decimal Place by Experimental Sonic Machines and robot drummer Ernie. Peter K Rollings makes the most of his instruments and music machines from scrap materials, some are solar powered. In his shows he metamorphoses into a series of bizarre costumed characters, with highly imaginative, original electro-acoustic music to go with them.

The Weird Garden events were started by Dex from near Lincoln who plays under the stage name Tape Noise.


He said: “I put the nights on to promote the Noise scene and give folk a chance to play”.

It’s to do with his ‘The $ell’ story – hence the idea of Weird Garden, a ‘weird garden’ of projects away from commerciality, non-commercial plants and flora. Weird Garden started in September 2012 and has a good reputation on the noise, drone and alternative music scenes.

The venue is a gallery and space in uphill Lincoln not far from the Castle. Decimal Place has exhibitions, craft events, Weird Gardens, and Lincoln Tape Club on the second Thursday each month.

The event is at Decimal Place 10 Burton Rd Lincoln LN1 3LB and will be taking place 6-10pm. It will be free entry.

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Words Gemma Nettle

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