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Tim Carr – Long Enough for the ride

Clean but rusty. Wistful 60’s decade inspired instrumentation and production. A beautiful guitar tone that so warmly dominates the wide-spread volumes that lead our ears toward the sweeping vocal melodies of Los Angeles bred, Tim Carr. The gentle yet room filling reverb graciously glides behind each plucked string that echoes and shape this track, ‘Long Enough For The Ride’.
“There I go, there I’ve gone”, he sings . Lyrical strokes paint the vivid sensation of traversing sunny and sweeping landscapes. Portrayals of leaving something beloved behind in the blink of an eye due to state of inertia carried by Tim Carr’s personal narrative.
He outlines the danger of separating one’s self from emotion as a strategy to cope with impending grief. This song makes a similar journey – from dreamy to dreamier once the Tim Burton-esque choir vocals drift by.
The instrumentation paints the blissful ignorance that Carr indulges while reality remains a bumpy ride. He said, “I like when there is a brokenness mixed with a sweet melody”. Injections of brass and double bass harmlessly drip into this pool of serene notes that keeps this boat afloat.
A motif of arpeggios create the looming hook line melodies worthy of a modern pop or indie hit despite it’s vintage dress and intentional imperfections. The floor toms are loose and the snares, tight – bobbing and bouncing by as we smoothly sail along this winding river. Book your own ticket to ride.
Look out for Tim Carr’s ‘Swing and Turn’ EP – his first release since 2016 and expected to reach your horizons in autumn, this year.
Words Simon Harwood

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