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Lady Livid

Here we have a collection of well structured and upbeat songs written for the origin of parties and gatherings. Would be greatly suited to festivals due to the lead bass lines and catchy melodies.

Many  influences can be heard such as indie pop bands such as the 1985 and Arctic Monkeys however it takes it’s own direction and originality. Despite the heavy bass lead there is still a subtlety and connection between the mood of the pieces and the clear melodic phrases.

Personally I would love to see a more stripped back version of one of the songs to get a more delicate and passionate side to the singer’s voice which can be covered in the louder, more masking songs ; allowing a more profound connection to the lyrics of the song making it more accessible. Overall I enjoyed this music, would want to see more variety in upcoming singles but should definitely recommend listening.

lady livid 2.jpg

Words Martha Kent

Musik Magazine

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