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Musik Magazine- October Favourites

October is a time for change, a time where the nights get colder and longer and the leaves fall from the trees and turn orange and reds. Here is our list of our top three favourites to help see you through this time and reflect on what’s to come. 

First up on the list is R.D. Thomas with his latest release Paint By Numbers You.

The artist is from West – Cornwall and began his career touring for Ben Howard and as a frontman for alt/ rock outfit Brother & Bones before going solo.

You can immediately see the link between R.D Thomas and Ben Howard, both talented in their own right, both hauntingly, beautiful sounding multi instrumentalist folk/rock artists.

This song captivates within the very first breath, a catchy melody and a light drum beat setting the pace and carrying the track. The vocals are mesmorising, they reach far depths with soft, low harmonic sounds, which seem to have essences of RY X and The Script’s lead singer Danny O’Donoghue. The repetition of the piece makes it catchy and stay with you even after it’s finished. A masterpiece that’s well earned a top spot amongst songs to listen to this October.

Our track of choice has to be Another Day.

Next up is Ben Stafford a Lancashire singer who has released his latest album Beudy Penlan.

The track has a punchy, marching style tempo, the use of clapping gives the song dimension. His alternative folk style vocals help create imagery of an autumnal breeze blowing around as you step in to a forest as leaves crunch below your feet. This lyric poet will take you on a journey across each track of his album creating stunning visuals through his thought provoking sounds.

Lastly on our list and in no particular order as these artists are all brilliant and have earned a place on our October playlist. 

Kent based quartet Mosa Wild have released e.p Zip Your Coat Up For English Weather, we loved their Mahogany sessions of their previous track ‘Smoke’, but a true contender for our playlist has to be Orchards. It’s one of the slower songs on the new E.P but tells a beautiful story of a relationship. The vocals again are hard hitting and the harmonies add so many layers to this serene piece of music. “Life is precious, I don’t regret it.” well said.

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