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Born with two rare genetic conditions, Marfan syndrome Ehlers Danlos syndrome, former youth worker, Michael, explains how his recent recovery in hospital is when he “rediscovered the passion for music again” to “escape from the pain and anxiety of everything.”

One late night, Michael, “stumbled across an old Kung Fu TV show on a battered laptop” as he “lay in a torrid tiny hospital bed tangled up in wires from several drips.” The poignancy of the scene dialogue “instantly pierced through the headphones, especially as it is reflective of society’s limited expectations towards individuals who have a disability”. The scene features a Kung Fu master begins to share his teachings to an aspiring student before he is challenged for being blindAnd so, this sample became the “inspiration” behind a debut single and “the catalyst for a new northern independent music a label.”

Once a youth worker in his local area for over a decade Michael built and managed a recording studio for the community to use. This particular project gave him the confidence to finally “have a go himself”. And so, with the help of his retired father, Bob, and fellow friends he managed to build his own professional studio and label.

Keen to showcase the homegrown music in his home city, Preston, it was, for Michael, “the next logical step, I have gone this far, right? I also wanted to share my experience with other disabled musicians out there who may be reluctant to just go for it. The music industry can be intimidating enough for anyone, but it’s even more so if you have a disability, I want to challenge that stigma.”

Northern Delinquency blends together local independent musicians, producers, and visual artists to cook up a mystic brew of beats, bass, classic northern hip-hop and more.

To celebrate their launch, Northern Delinquency, teamed up with Preston based Kings Youth Dance Academy and Retrogue Vintage Clothing to inspire a nostalgic breakbeat dance music video.

“The teaser video is a real visual feast of everything from mind boggling breakbeat moves to big brass meets retro urban fashion and sass. It is always magic involving the local young people and community in music”.

‘Stitched Lips’, is the debut single from Northern Delinquency by former Don’t Flop , Soap Box & NSR rap vocalist, J Toker, produced by label founder MEFODIST.

(MEFODIST, producer & label founder)
“J Toker dishes up a delicious dark soup of savagely smart word play seasoned with the laid back hip hop beats of vintage year.”

We are very excited to see what’s next for Northern Deliquency and the positive message they are spreading. Check out their latest below as well as their YouTube channel.

Photo credit- Erin Morris

Article by Emily Vass – Musik Magazine 2023

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