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Verity White – After The Storm EP

Making a big noise on the British Rock scene over the last few years, Verity White has taken a classic 80s Rock sound and made it her own. Her recent LP, Reclaim;Set Fire was her calling card and her inclusion in recent Earache compilation New Wave of Rock N Roll further cements her place. Now we have the After The Storm EP

Lead single Alibi is a mid paced rocker somewhere sonically between late 80s Rock with ripples of Grunge. Tasty riffs make this a strong opener for the EP.

Run for Cover adds more keys and layered vocals to give it at points a Proggy Pop flavour.

The Ones You Left Behind takes you back to Heart at their late 80s Power Ballad best.

Who I Am is a what if Tori Amos and Skunk Anansie collaborated.

Straddling 80s Rock and more Alternative 90s sounds, After The Storm gives us a what-if there was a period between these two musical movements where they co-existed. Don’t mistake Verity White and her band as retro rockers. The alchemy here is difficult to get right but they do. Rock fans lend Verity your ears. She’ll see you right. Another strong addition to her catalogue and hopefully bodes well for another album soon.

 Alibi is released on 5th June and After The Storm EP on 12th June.


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