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Los Bitchos @ New Century Hall Manchester

On the 23rd of September my senses were introduced to not only to a new music venue that has opened up in the heart of the city, but a new band.

These two brand new things were simply one to not miss out on.

On arrival the sea of people queuing instantly reassured me of a good night ahead. Stamp and drink to hand I began my ascent to the main hall.

What took me by surprise was the scale of the venue , it didn’t seem so big from outside. Despite it’s large size it was well equipped to let the sound fill the space.

Photography – Cal Moores

Los Bitchos had been playing earlier on BBC 6 Music and caught my attention.

This instrumental band have surf infused, hallucinogenic vibes having supported the likes of Mac De Marco and been compared to bands like Khruangbin, however combining both strings, keys and drums.

Photography – Cal Moores

Each song was like a chapter of a story but this time words were musical notes and you could build your own story from it.

Floods of sound filled the floor drifting across us like a wave. Upbeat, theatrical and accommodating, their stage presence was immediately noted and carried their performance.

Photography – Cal Moores

Their enthusiasm spread like a wildfire,

“they were having so much fun on stage you didn’t want to do anything except join in, it was almost as if they were just having a live jam session and you were their with them.”

Photography – Cal Moores

It was a natural community based, high energy performance, showcasing their free spirits people were moving and grooving throughout the crowd.

We have had our minds truly opened by Los Bitchos.

The London based quartet have a new album out called ‘Let the Festivities Begin” to have a listen click the link below.


To check out New Century click the link below.


Musik Magazine 2022

Photo Credit – Cal Moores.

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