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Minerva Daisy – Substitute

The track begins with this fabulous, catchy keyboard that immediately becomes addictive.

“The keys were the first part I wrote, the jagged melody was reflecting how I felt at the time and I went with it. Keys are almost always the first element of a tune that I write”

The lyrics are intricate and the use of rhyme makes it flow well, ‘love is intoxicating its annihilating” , “kisses are so addictive I’m afflicted.”

“Sat here wishing I never met you’ tells a story of love, but it has negative undertones.

photo – Mad Fox

“The track was inspired by my emotions, I wrote it when I was in quite a negative part of my life which is why it’s taken so long to release. “

Being in love but it’s not going how you would have thought…

“The message can be subjective, but for me it’s a life lesson to myself to not be treated like dirt again and sometimes love isn’t good for you. Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior.”

The way Minerva’s voice is edited in to an acapella style makes the track interesting.

It’s a cool concept that makes it sound very pop. Her vocals seem as if they are recorded over the top notes, making a harmony.

“The process was pretty simple, it was written 3 years ago so the melody and lyrics were ready to go and luckily I have a really good set of musicians around me, Kay my drummer and Tom Hetzel my bassist & of course the producer Tayte Nickols of Mad Fox Manchester made the track sound as good as it does! It was fully written with instruments over the span of 2 days at the studio, and I poured my heart and soul into the vocals.”

Have a listen to Substitute here –

Hi! My track substitute just got released & I would absolutely love if you could give it a share to your story & add it to any playlists ( I’ll be featuring the playlists with the best names on my story!)

I’ll put the Spotify link here but if you need a different link then just let me know!

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