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Gracie Gray – alienlover

“Could have sworn I was just flying away”

The outer space theme is instant with this track.

It begins with people’s testimonies of alien sightings, with the track playing underneath quietly.

Using samples such as this instantly set the scene.

Gracie Gray then erupts in to grungy, echoing vocals that seem to come from all directions, it seemed to sound very 1990s sounding from a stylistic point of view.

Cashmere Studio

The higher octaves it is sang in are impressive. Her soft, folksy vocals draw you down the rabbit hole or up in to the beam of light and take you away.

“Inspired by a dream, the song tells the story of two lovers on separate planets trying to communicate.”

This beautiful love story absorbs you in to a science fiction fueled drama, listening for resolution.

You’ll have to wait until the 26th of March to listen to ‘alienlover.’

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Musik Magazine 2021

Photo credit- Nina Raj, Cashmere Studios.

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