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Matt Hall – The Sound Of A Lost Town

“The track is a bit of a moan about city night life.

I wanted it to sound a bit like a chant in the chorus rather than a melody.

Most of the inspiration was taken from David Bowie ‘Let’s Dance’ era.

It was recorded with a 70s live band feel in mind and was mixed on an analogue desk to get a vintage feel.

The brass is sampled and sequenced and there is some guitar in there that was made to sound ‘brassy’.

The chorus was built around the bass line (as was the whole song), it has drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, horns, sax, trombone and a cowbell shaker.”

The Sound Of A Lost Town, has a brilliant collection of brass instruments complimenting his voice and adding emphasis on all the right parts.

Matt has found his sound and has made a solid choice for his first single.

The catchy chorus and lyrics really do give Matt an edge.

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