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Rosa Canina

Sweltering in the genres of grudge and psych with a mild touch of pop, Rosa Canina at The Ferret on 22nd June 2019 was an event you wouldn’t want to have missed.

The band clearly had good chemistry emphasised through their collaborative approach to performing. The audience was never left out of the loop – all were included in discussion and jokes from the group. The variety of upbeat and slower, brighter bass tones was captivating, especially against the gripping drumbeats that felt effortless. The guitar playing was just as engrossing – not to mention the dreamy yet fierce vocals of the singers.

Overall, Rosa Canina were a complete delight to review and it was a pleasure to talk to one of the charming vocalists afterward. Definitely see this group if you can!

Photo credit – Ashley Hardman
Words – Emma Stevens

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