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The Districts

There’s something ridiculously satisfying about stumbling upon new music, it’s fresh, it’s exciting, it’s immersive. Once you’ve discovered it there’s no letting go, there’s no looking back. Its yours and nobody’s going to take it away from you!
I was lost, uninspired and quite frankly bored with everything that surrounded me. I needed something to get my teeth stuck into, i needed a release. ‘The Districts’ were that cure. The little band that hail from Pennsylvania woke me up. The gritty vocals, the absolute raw power of the guitars screeching through the amplifier mesh and the inevitable groove of the bass and drums. I was hooked! This was my release, these indie kings were my escape.
‘Long Distance’ from the ‘Telephone’ E.P was my first introduction to the band. At 6 minutes it still feels too short. Mourning a recently ended relationship or about to endure a long distance one? The lyrics always seem to mean something else every time i hear it. The way the instruments collide in such harmony makes the band sound huge. A mile apart from any band i had been listening to prior. They sounded another level.
Since then they have released 2 significant and effortlessly cool Rock & Roll albums. 2015’s ‘A Flourish And A Spoil’ & 2017’s ‘Popular Manipulations’. 2020 will see the release of a third album ‘You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere’.
Every time i listen to them i get completely involved and for that brief period the world stops turning and i’m the only one listening to what seems an infinite catalogue of great music.
I’m not going to compile a lesser day bullet point list of which songs should be checked out. My only advice would be to check them all out.

Words Ashleigh Vaughan



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