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American Authors and Seeb – Best I Can

‘Best I Can’ is the new single from American Authors and Seeb and is available today via Island Records.
The Brooklyn-based multi-platinum group have teamed up with world-renowned Norwegian production duo to bring you this new track.
It tells of the familiar feeling of giving your heart to the person you love.
American Authors described the song as “when you strip away the material objects and glamour in the world, all that matters is the truest love we share.” The deep, melodic vocals accompany the soft strumming of the guitar beautifully.

The slow swelling of the music builds excitement and anticipation before the explosive chorus hits. The romantic, upbeat dance-inspired track arrives just as American Authors close out their 34-city tour.
Seeb said: “American Authors reached out to us to hear if we were up for doing a song together, we started to play around with ideas and tried to figure out how our two different worlds could meet.
“This song feels like a natural blend of where American Authors come from musically with their unique instrumentation containing a lot of guitars and even banjo’s.”
“We had a great time with this record. It’s probably not a collab that either of our fans are expecting, but that just makes it so much more fun to do,” they added.

‘Best I Can’ saw its national TV debut on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan on Monday, March 2nd.
American Authors are best known for their smash hit ‘Best Day Of My Life’ which was a 3x-platinum career-defining track that went on to reach number one on Hot Ac and Top 5 at Pop while receiving countless film, television, video game, and sports syncs.

Seeb are best known for their remix of Mike Posner’s “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” which has over three billion streams.

Simen Eriksrud and musical partner Espen Berg formed Seeb through their love of defying genre and chasing the most fresh and original sounds.

Words Gemma Nettle

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