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Raye Zaragoza- American Dream

Every now and then an artist comes along that has the potential to use their talents to spread a message, that will eventually change the world if enough people listen to it.

This is exactly how I felt after watching the video to Raye Zaragoza’s ‘American Dream.’  When I hit play, I was greeted with the sound of the Raye’s voice, which is soft, yet eerily melodic, but very passionate.

Her voice combined with the images in the video (images of the word terrorist, shaking heads in disappointment, and individuals creating riots and other forms of violence), the overall mood of the piece keeps the inner turmoil of what is going on in the States, as well as the rest of the world in the forefront of your minds.

There were many moments in the track that I enjoyed, especially with the lyrics of the song and how they tied so well into the video.

My favourite lyric has to be ‘But hate can’t be the face of the American Dream’. This line stands out in my mind because it calls attention to the world’s perception of contemporary America.

I feel that by focusing on this mindset,  we can do as the artist says and make a choice, That change is a choice and it can start with me, that change is a choice and it can start with you; this is true because change starts in a very small stage and eventually grows into something meaningful.

If you like music that will make you think or a video that will trigger some strong emotion on how the world should be, then check out Raye Zaragoza’s ‘American Dream’ and imagine how the world could be a little bit better, if we all just got along.

Words James Maines

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