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E. Alvin- Mantra

E.Alvin, a minimalism spiked solo singer from Connecticut, is making his own way in his devotion to music. He has created a sphere of synthetic vibrance, which he expresses in his song.

Drawing inspiration from filmmaker John Carpenter and POP / experimental-R&B singers such as Broods and Banks. E.Alvin although sometimes compared to these, he still has his differences.

He uses the minimalist elements in his melodies to create his great lyricism helped envision a desire of being understood and give a feeling of light intoxication.

E.Alvin is releasing his single “MANTRA” in the entitled “Sessions, Vol. I” which is to be released in January 2019.

It hows the combination of powerful but slow vocals with the bass. The collection of four songs in “Sessions, Vol. I” accompanied by four unique intros that give a sense of vulnerability.

As a whole, this work is his best to date, unifying strung out “ghost” guitar strings, haunting vocals, and punch-filled synths with an aggressive wolf-like bite.

This is definitely worth listening to.


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