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The Covasettes – Wild

Musik Magazine have reviewed The Covasettes before, however we specified they needed to add a few more layers in their song, this time they have considered our feedback and seemed to put their all in to their new track Wild.

“Wild” appears to be a slightly more laid back track to the previous “Top Drawer.” They have done it again, staying with their overall style of music but coming back with a banger!

This song reminds me of the band Circa Waves with it’s twinkly, upbeat and indie vibes.

If i’m honest it sounds like it should have been released this Summer as feel good track. It’s giving me summer visualisations and is really helping me imagine I’m on a road trip in an open top car in California, with this track blasting out. (One for the bucket list.)

This underlying beat is so catchy it seems, the beat seems to spread through my body.

I don’t want to be a cliche but I was tapping my foot along in my kitchen.

It instantly made me feel happier, the chorus is infatuating with repetition and following a lovely lyrical pattern.

The Covasettes Wild 2.jpg
Photo sourced by The Covasettes

I can really hear the drumming and it’s not overpowering, it’s so complimentary.

“I said I’m tired of running wild.” what an interesting phrase, it could literally mean anything, now I’m not one for lyrics analysis, (we aren’t a book club) but I would have to emphasise that the copy of the lyrics I received are interesting to say the least.

“I hope my feet don’t touch the ground,  

I flee from my home town, 

To get away from the

feelings that chase me.” 

Now isn’t that just interesting, for such an upbeat sounding song the lyrics are quite dark.  They go on in a similar fashion and then get darker still…

“I hear you screaming out,

But there’s no stopping me,

No there’s no stopping me,

When I’m like this,

There’s no stopping me.”

I could be reading in to this wrongly, however isn’t it really unusual to make a song seem so positive as a whole but listen closely and they appear to have a deeper contradictive meaning. It’s like a musical oxymoron.

They mention the words “twisted love” love is a bit like that as a whole. It can be the most positive thing in the world but you still carry a lot of hurt from the past and this song is a perfect example of that toxicity.

Personally think these guys have thought a lot in to “Wild” and should be very proud.

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