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Sugarstone – Five Earth Like Worlds

Sugarstone are an alternative rock four piece hailing from Preston made up of Joe O’Haire (Lead Vocals, Guitar), George Miller (Vocals, Guitar), Brandon Calvert (Bass Guitar) and Ben Wilson (Drums, Percussion).

They infuse an original soundscape of playful melodies and soft vocals to create sickly sweet indie anthems that make movement hard to resist. It is easy to see why previous reviews have stated the lads sound echoes Wolf Alice, especially in terms of vocals and guitar parts. However, personally the vibe of reggae/ska feels prominent within their latest track titled ‘Five Earth Like Worlds’, where the catchy melody enables you to envision a beach complete with the band dancing in the sand with their instruments.

This is clearly not their intention and as the track commences further, the tone embarks on an outer space journey where lead Joe’s vocals float within your eardrums lingering above the playful guitar interjects, consistent bass tones and rhythmic drum parts. The echoey tinge to the harmonised vocals enhance the experience, assembling perfectly to encompass your own personal outlook of what beyond earth would resemble.

From a personal stance according to this song I wouldn’t label Sugarstone as an alt-rock band as the song feels upbeat and light compared to other bands I listen to within that genre, as well as the fact the band ooze electronic and indie pop elements. The segment of the track that stands out for me is the latter where vocals permeate and a catchy riff plays out in the background.

This track is tamer than my tastes, but could definitely see it making waves upon indie playlists within universities this Autumn.

Words Kerri Marie Lacey


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