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Crimson Apple- Can’t Get Out Of Bed

The most recent single to come from the four ‘crazy cool’ Hawaiin sisters that make up the pop group Crimson Apple certainly takes a step aside from their suspected categorical bill.
One would initially expect to hear reference to their island roots in the instrumentation (perhaps a wavy lap steel?) but evidently Crimson Apple are going the contemporary mile with this release.
Not that that’s a problem, though; ‘Can’t Get Out of Bed’ follows an inarguable structure from verses to hooks, even featuring a paced out middle 8 that makes this tune perfect for the dancefloor.
The drum and bass component of the tune is not dissimilar to standard playlist tracks you’d hear on a night out in the UK, making use of moogy synth sweeps as tensions build up to a chorus of classic 808-style bass drops.
It is, however, noticeably cleaner cut than your averable club track and their claim of a K-Pop influence is audibley present; Korean Pop music is the bubblegum counterpart to the UK’s favoured gritty EDM sound.
Evidently these sister’s are paired up with the writing/production team LYRE. Lyrically, this tune is super simple which is what it requires.
It’s a seriously catchy hook and, whether you ‘take your pills’ or not, it’s bound to stick in your mind folks.
Words David Shurr

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