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Vinci Tommy T

The latest E.P. from Vinci Tommy T comes gift wrapped, celebrating the 25th birthday of the Congolese rapper, now based in Cambridge U.K, with roots in France and also an upbringing in The Netherlands. His broad geographical history is relevant as it shines through in his vocal style and flow, instantly setting him apart from other rappers.

Intricate trap production and ghostly backing vocals complement Tommy T’s flow brilliantly, presenting a style that has been ardently worked upon to create something unique, whilst still staying within the borders of recent trap/post hip-hop offerings.

There are moments of brilliance in this E.P., although it is overshadowed by some trap clichés, that I believe Vinci Tommy T is more than capable of breaking and moving further into his own direction. Despite my opinion, he ticks all the boxes for success, boasting a clearly-defined aesthetic with hints of psychedelia, and an instinctive sense of fashion other rappers should be envious of.

The second track “Road 2 Rich3s” is impressive. The dark piano chords are immediately encapsulating, leading into an aggressive delivery of a do-or-die narrative that could be interpreted as a fear of time running out. The way Tommy T switches his flow during the first verse is the highlight, riding the track effortlessly, whilst maintaining energy and passion.

With the right exposure, there’s no doubt Vinci Tommy T could enjoy the success he’s after. Looking forward to hearing what’s next on the agenda for him.

Words Brad Ford

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