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David Shurr- New Album

Here’s no time for a moment of hesitation – with David Shurr you’re pushed to the front row of storytelling headquarters.

There’s a bit of a cowboy and western tone, the perfect accompanist for the nature fuelled songs.

The album artwork for “O Great Willow” mimics a hand drawn or chalked drawing which I think makes it more personable.

You can see every individual line up close as well as the greater picture; quite alike the songs.

First up we have “The Hunter”. You won’t even notice the howling guitars because it blends so well into the haunting vocals.

There is a hybrid of energy comprising from instruments appearing left, right and centre when you least expect them, only to fit right into place.

I feel this would be a wonderful song to hear live at a pub but works just as well as background music.

“Bright Eyes” is by far my favourite. My brain immediately made the link to Garfunkel’s tear-inducing song of the same name from “Watership Down” however I can promise they are nothing alike.

You can tell the same fingerprints of distinctive vocals belong to those of “The Hunter”, creating a sense of familiarity and less treading into patchwork quilt territory.

The colourful imagery stands out and echoes with me, particularly as a songwriter myself who uses colours to match tones of guitars to tones of emotions.

The guitar sounds are particularly memorable – so much so that they would not be out of place as a standalone piece.

The rhymes flow easily, and, altogether, it makes you proud to be Lancastrian with talent like this.

“O Great Willow” continues onwards down the artist’s nature trail.

Again, there is no introductory music to give you a moment’s breath and it excels in drawing you back in.

The vocals are well executed, propelled by the hook “O Great Willow”.

The faithful bass that drives all the songs well adds to the gut-punching idea that a masterful song can be inspired simply by a tree.

I think this song would be outstanding live.

“Back To You” continues what I can only describe as a velvet-sounding groove.

I could easily see this playlist being added to my own either whilst revising or relaxing, especially with the lyrics along the lines of “Really gotta get up and make a move”.

The stirring vocals almost sound sarcastically longing, making this a good end track due to the vocals containing the most personality compared to the instruments.

Words Emma Stevens

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