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Deep City- Pain Killer

This indie band bring a warm welcome to independent music consumers.

The song has a lot of layers, you don’t always know where to start with all these different things going on at once. However this does help add to the interest surrounding the track.

It’s an original however in my opinion they somewhat get their inspiration from the new, pop sound The 1975 have adopted. It’s always good to have influences within your music though.

My constructive criticism would be to have a clear define between the chorus and the rest of the track. This does however make it different and it stands out.

Deep City all have a unique look, and a unique style.

The track makes me think of flying the world in a giant bubble. I know that sounds mad but with laid back vocals and soft tones this song makes you visualise. It encourages your imagination and creative thoughts.

Deep City aren’t afraid to do their own thing and they should continue doing that for as long as they can.

Musik Magazine are looking forward to seeing them grow musically as artists.

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Words Emily Vass






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