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Cara Hammond – Such a Mess (Interview)

Cara Hammond released “Such A Mess” on September 6th, 2019. She says of the song: “It’s a song about being completely infatuated with someone and that growing tension as neither of you make the first move. Sometimes being around that one person you’re crazy about can make you a bit of a mess.”

Emma interviewed Cara.

 My favourite lyric from the song was “Watching your reactions, hoping that I’m not alone feeling this attraction”. What’s your favourite line from the song and why?

Thank you! My favourite line is probably “even when we don’t touch, you got me, even then it’s too much, I can’t breathe”. It’s saying that this is more than just a physical connection, however when you touch it drives you crazy.

 When co-writing this track, where did it all start from? What it a beat, a lyric, an idea etc? And how did that evolve to the track it is today?

I wrote this song with a London based band called ‘Rinngs’ made up of Naomi Hammerton & producer Karl Zine. Karl came up with a really cool beat first & me & Naomi just started improvising some melodies over the top. Funnily enough, your favourite line of the song was the first lyric that we improvised. There was something really interesting in it & from their we got our main song idea.

 How long have you been writing / co-writing songs for?

I’ve been writing songs since I was 11 years old, when I first started guitar lessons in secondary school. I’ve been co-writing since uni, where I discovered I also loved collaborating with other musicians & producers. This song was one of my first collabs since moving to London (from North Wales).

The production fits well alongside the tones of desperation and anxiety featured in the song – what do you think it is that makes us become messes around people we find attractive?

I think it’s when we really, properly fancy someone our nerves just go to pot. Like I don’t know the science behind it but it’s like your brain just can’t take it & turns to mush.

What tips would you give to a musician suffering from writer’s block? (If you have ever experienced it)

Writers block hits every artist, whether it’s hours, days, weeks, months or years! Honestly I’ve just come back from holiday in Portugal & it was the best thing I could have done for my creativity. I think a well-earned break sorts out a lot of things for me, including writers block. 

Which musicians inspire you the most?

Always been inspired by Amy Winehouse because of her honest lyrics & originality. The same goes for artist Mahalia who I’m going to see in November at Camden Roundhouse! Another fan of Liane La Havas, her voice is liquid gold.

What’s next for you?

Got an exciting release in the pipeline but that’s all I’m going to say for now…! 

Interview by Emma Stevens.

Click here to listen.


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