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The Gulps new single Mirror Mirror.

London based renegades The Gulps have been igniting dance floors up and down the UK while subverting conventionality with their eclectic mix of characters hailing from all corners of the globe. Their sound has been regularly recounted as the amalgamation of Disco & Punk, bold and energetic and a welcome distraction from all the current economic despair. 

Now they’re back with a vengeance and have recently unleashed their third single ‘Mirror Mirror’ like machine gun fire via Guindilla Records.

Photo credit: Rosco

Released on the 20th of January ‘Mirror Mirror’ hits like the first cigarette of the day- intense yet necessary. Dripping through thin vales of strokes-esque guitar come the distorted yet distinctive vocals of Javier Sola which for this type of sound are supremely apt. Laced with laissez-fair lyrics about a life less ordinary and under the stimulus of social criticism the track draws clear inspiration from one of the beat generations most pivotal minds, Jack Kerouac. Javier describes the track as having a ‘carefree attitude and sense of adventure.’ A sense that shines supreme throughout.

Rich in Seemingly relatable content particularly for fellow musicians, the track is the marriage of madness and mundanity from day to day life in a band- the perfect chaos. Currently based in Camden, The Gulps’ notorious live shows led to them becoming the last signing of the legendary Steve Strange to X Ray Touring before his death. They are also currently managed by Creation Records legend Alan McGee so are in the best of hands. Having seen the band live in 2022 I can testify that their live performances pack more punch than Tyson Fury and the band always leave exhausted and with the audience wrapped around their little finger. 

The Gulps use Elements of Hedonistic harmony fused with slick Indie stylings and we can surely expect to see a continual rise for them in 2023. Their UK tour kicks off in February and features dates in Cardiff, London, Leeds, Glasgow and Manchester. The latter of which will be at The Castle on Sunday 19th February.

Check the band out on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/62HCZvFY4HgJLQb7x6fdLD?si=asE_8i1NRvKmcc9o-WcPlg

Article by Lucas Berry

Musik Magazine 2023

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