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Little Twirl – Juni Habel

It’s a Sunday morning you’ve set off from your cosy cabin just passed the grassland at the edge of a forest. Picnic hamper in hand, you’re ready for an adventure. This is the imagery that springs to mind when listening to Little Twirl, you are transported to an idyllic village , the cold dark winters are behind you and the sun has sprung the woodland to life, wild flowers at every glance, twinkling lights reflect through the dancing trees. A cool breeze blows across the grass.

Hypnotic, ethereal captivating artistry from Juni Habel – Little Twirl brings calming, beautifully orchestrated vocals.

Acoustic folk music is a genre that needs far more recognition within wider audiences, whilst turning away from pop ballads of mainstream folk music by bringing an added depth to songs with clever lyricism and not just relying on a catchy beat.

I can be inspired by lots of things. Dreams, movies, and music of course. Nature, yes. Writing songs is something you do all the time, its a way of noticing things. 


Juni brings a personal touch, painting pictures of real life experiences as well as glorifying life to a fairy tale to the listener with creative wording, literal imagery and a gentle yet effective melody to compliment.

Habel was able to give an insight in to the thought process behind the track.

Little Twirl is about my smaller siblings, mostly my little sisters. It’s mostly about all the richness they bring to the adults around them, all the warmth and joy.

Inspiration can be sparked from many different places, for some artists it’s the world they can see for others it is the things we can’t see that are most appreciated.

“I am deeply inspired by the acoustic guitar. It never seems to wear off. I am inspired by the good things in the world – I could never write anything completely sad, or completely hopeless. What inspires me is the glimpse of hope or togetherness, despite all the limitations, pain, distance in life.

The creative process behind songwriting isn’t always linear, everybody is unique in their lives so why wouldn’t you be unique in the way you make music, Juni showed us that it’s about having fun.

“Guitar first, then melody, lyrics last. I make my lyrics mostly from jamming a lot. It is very ridiculous, but then suddenly some gold comes along. When I sing the song, it becomes easier to find out what the song is trying to convey. You can’t do that by using your head, you have to be inside the song. I find it easy to find melodies, hard to find lyrics, which I think is true for many songwriters. It is very annoying to have to reject a good song because you don’t get the lyrics well enough. For me, it’s the melody and the guitar that convey the most, then you can sprinkle words on top. That’s not entirely true for my songwriting. But I try to trick myself into believing it. Otherwise I would never finish anything. I have a principle, I don’t think you should work too long on a song – you risk getting bored. The joy of playing is quite fragile. I have to protect it. I make a lot, pick out the best and put them together. Then you always get another try in the next song. “

The new album ‘Carvings’ is out now via ‘Basin Rock.’

Check it out here – https://s.disco.ac/srqlngdjeyxf

On Bandcamp here –  https://junihabel.bandcamp.com/album/carvings

Article and Interview – Musik Magazine 2023

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