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Construct Massive Lockdown!

Construct Massive record label have released brand new Lockdown Volume 1.

Vol. 1 brings together a collective of talented multi-genre electronic artists.

Musik caught up with Executive Manager Irving, he was able to tell us how the release came to be.

” We were planning a release for some time and we choose this name due to the situation everybody is in.”

Construct has showcased a singer well known on the scene.

” On this release, we’ve got some live Drum and Bass, some Jungle and even some Tekno. The song ‘Do you Know’ has a female vocalist accompanied by David Boomah who has a big name in this scene as a singer.”

The E.P design is interesting.


“The artwork design had several stages first someone came up with some concept logos then I made a picture of an empty place in the city to represent lockdown and once we got that we started to do the final edit, discussed it with the artist and then made the final version.”

How would you describe this project in 3 words?

“Exciting, emerging and surprising!”

We noticed a younger crowd amongst the mix so we got chatting to 21 year old Huski.


He already plays bi-weekly on Subtle Radio, hosts a night called Lovely Drop and has regular slots on the Urban Baseline show at Cambridge 105!

Describing his music as: Energetic, funky and feel good.

Here’s what he had to say.

” I would define my music as being uplifting, funky and full of happy, get up and dance vibes! I predominantly produce drum and bass and jungle and usually work on remixes and Bootlegs. however I’m starting to write my own original material now as I’ve always found it a challenge to write my own original stuff. I felt like I was lacking the creativity until recently!”

Construct seems to be like a family bringing people together for the love of music.

“It feels great to be involved with Construct Sound! Elliot (The Gentleman Squatter) is a great guy who gave me the opportunity to be on the EP right at the last minute so I had to rush to finish a track to put on there haha. It also feels good to finally have an original track out there so I can get more exposure as a producer and prove to myself that I can write my own material!”

His Passion for Djing and producing started when he was thirteen after getting his hands on Logic Pro X and a controller.

” So my current inspirations at the moment include Chopstick Dubplate and everyone involved in that so Aries, Jacky Murda and king yoof who are a drum and bass and jungle collective well known globally for there reggae, jungle sound. However recently I’ve been listening to a lot of reggae which is one of my most loved genres and influence to creat music. Shabba Ranks in particular at the moment along artist like Shaggy, chakka demus and plenty of others.”

Creating a track is unique to everyone, Huski has a particular method.

“So the way I go about producing a track if Im going to write and original I will a picture in my head of what I want the track to sound like. Then I normally start with the drums and creat a drum sequence and a Bassline to work from. Sometimes the track will write itself and I’ll know exactly what I want it to sound like whereas other times it will take me a while because I’ll have no clear picture in my head of what it’s going to sound like. If I’m going to creat a remix track I will choose a song that I want to remix for example I’ve recently started a reggae jungle remix of Echo Minott’s – ‘Lazy Body’ and for that I knew straight away how I wanted it sound. I figured out the Bassline then went about creating a drum sequence then arranging the track. Naturally this track flowed for me so I was able to get it finished fairly quick. So I see different work processes for different kinds of projects.”

Have a listen to the diverse range of musicians that were brought together to create Construct Massive Lockdown below.

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