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Tanz in Den Mai! Online festival !

You may have seen my review on “Council” – definitely music to watch – and I’m even more delighted to tell you about an online streaming festival they will be involved with…

Spanning four days, with the dates being April 30th, May 1st, May 2nd and May 3rd 2020, the line ups are below;

April 30th line up: Welle, Das Ding ausm Sumpf, From Fall to Spring, Blaufuchs und Maelføy.


May 1st line up: Bad Assumption | Heiopeis | A.VJU | Snareset | Hanna Batka | KAAK | Tell You What Now

May 2nd (12:40 Eastern time is when Council performs)

Line up: Big Daddy X | Bad Blood Exhaust | Minipax | Devil May Care | Council

Kalapi-Band | SONS OF SOUNDS | okay cool

May 3rd line up: Cadet Carter | Letters Sent Home | Yunger | Marathonmann | Reno Divorce | VIVA – 100% Deutschrock | VOLUME12 | Roadstring Army.

The festival is called “Tanz in den Mai”, which means “Dance in May.” It’s “normally a time for people to come together to enjoy 4 days of music. This year has more importance because it gives people a chance to put all the stress they have had to deal to the side and enjoy 4 days of music any way they choose as it’s streamed right to their home”, Pat from Council tells us.

Social media links to the festival;





Words Emma Stevens

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