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The Black Fever – No Work

If you’re about to graduate or recently just have, this song will be handmade for you.

With softly wailing guitars opening the track, the listener is then transformed delicately into the opening lyrics, “How long do you think…”. The song is not overshadowed by its powerful production, such as the crisp drum beats, but rather illuminated by it. The band stated that the lyrics “just flowed” in this song and you can tell. There is no trying too hard in this track.

The vocals are textured and hauntingly serene. In fairness, neither the vocals nor the lyrics are overpowered, and it is always refreshing to hear new leeway in the post-punk genre. Most of us will be able to relate to having “too many words in my mind”.

Check out “No Work” by The Black Fever on Spotify or Soundcloud today.

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