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Project Leavesden – “Illusion”.

About the band:

Project Leavesden is an international band based near London/UK and has several members who play in well-known bands.

The lead singer Rash previously worked for the successful alternative rock band Rip it Up.

The Album:

Truly an album that captivates you from the first to the last song and that makes you dizzy with its rocky sounds like in the first piece

Disguise…Starting like fireworks, hard and heavy and with a quiet middle section that you don’t count on, just great.

The same can be expected from the second song Something Going On, partly downright psychedelic, and absolutely rocking.

She’s out of Control, starts a little slower but builds up quickly.

My dear friend, one of the quieter songs with a fantastic intro and by quiet I don’t mean boring at all…a great song with wonderful vocals.

The Divide, back to rock with a dark touch,sounds a bit like metal but melodic.

Call it a Day, the next song that plays with different sounds and pitches, always surprising like the whole album.

Make That Change, seduces to head banging,

hard to stay seated and just listen

When, a song that let us calm down, great lyrics and an amazing sound.

Tell Her, a song I fell in love with immediately,

intoxicating melody and fantastic vocals, something to dream.

Time for me to leave, last song on the album, sounds a bit punky and I like that.

All in all an incredible album and it’s the first one, one can only hope that many more will follow. Varied, rocky, hard and soft .. Project Leavesden and “Illusion” has everything it takes to delight its listeners.

Words Martina Doerner

Musik Magazine

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