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Missing Words – Moment to Moment

Uncompromising instrumentals, profuse guitar tones, and palpitating synth melodies. Has that captured your attention? Then you’re going to love Missing Word’s new synth-driven song ‘Moment to Moment’.

With a graceful and moving aesthetic alongside an amalgamation of emotions, the video demonstrates a sheer strength of musicianship. Nature imagery is heavily abundant alongside a heavily memorable rising and lowering of synth tones. The repetition of “All things change” and the word “change” in general helps to create a sense of both loss and confusion in the world we live in.

“Tomorrow, today, it’s all the same” helps to create a slight sense of nihilism and despondency which juxtaposes nicely with the beautiful the imagery of the video as well as the overall picture painted of finding someone you can be at peace with.

Check out the video on Vimeo now!

Click here to watch.

Words Emma Stevens

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