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Caspian Lennox – Brightest Star

Hailing from South London and currently residing in Cornwall, Caspian Lennox is a man of many talents – he’s a composer, songwriter, singer and multi-Instrumentalist musician.

His debut single ‘Brightest Star’ oozes imagery to provide storytelling comparative of the style commonly associated with artists such as Nick Cave and Chris Rea.

‘Brightest Star’ is a track drenched in melancholy to produce an intimate insight into the emotions entailed with feelings of love that in time come to an end.

Lennox’s husky, monotone vocals compliment the light guitar melodies and gentle drumming parts to embody the emotional state of which he may have been experiencing whilst constructing the track.

His classical composer history is evident within the blend of piano and string sounds, as well as hints of the rhythm of which he bore witness to from his mixed heritage.

His music showcases how carnival rhythms can be paired with classical or european instrumental music to produce a track that is simple yet effective.

This particular track differs from what I tend to listen to, however can see those who like the style of Nick Cave or Jesus and the Mary Chain being open to adding this to their playlists.

Words Kerri Marie Lacey

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