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Van Bobbi – Kickdrum HeartBeat

Van Bobbi began his journey in 2016 in Downtown Los Angeles with a desire to create a project that would embody his love for the genres of R&B, Pop, funk and Afro-Beat. Noting some of his musical influences as Van Morrison, Janet Jackson, Chromeo and Blood Orange, it is clear his music works to encapsulate the best elements from an array of sounds.

His latest single ‘Kickdrum Heartbeat’ is an uplifting track that it is upbeat and exudes good vibes for the listener.

With a combination of drum rhythms, layers of synth and compelling hooks it is a call to let loose dancing.

Van Bobbi has an interest in drums so studied Afro-Cubans drums which has played a large part in the beats now found in the musicians music.

He explains, “I like hard-hitting drums and dancing basslines. I also love to sneak in bits of ‘ear-candy’ and fun little percussive sounds that come out of nowhere. Phil Collins is someone I love for drums.”

When listening to ‘Kickdrum Heartbeat’ it provokes a positive reaction with its encouraging message to remain optimistic through life’s trials, as well as being patient with yourself and others.

This track feels like it would be commonly found playing out at a club to get people grooving on the dancefloor or placed upon an upbeat playlist on spotify.

It is perfect for those who need a little pick me up or just something to inspire them to let loose a bit.

Van Bobbi explains, “I hope my music inspires people to celebrate life and I hope it shields them from pain. I hope my music augments a given experience or situation. I hope it inspires healing”.

Words Kerri Marie Lacey

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