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Tom Lumley @ Jimmy’s Manchester

What an exciting scene to walk in to, these Cambridge lads in the absolutely packed to the brim Jimmy’s music venue.

I walked in and found it difficult to even reach the front, within moments I was pushed behind, but I fought through and maintained in a prime spot once again.

The enthusiasm oozed from the band.  The lead singer held himself with such confidence.

As for the music, the drums were well timed and added to the buzz, the stringed instruments were highly complimentary to the vocals and had indie undertones in their alternative sounding pop rock.

The songs were as follows, Dream City, Voice of Life, Skyhigh, Running From Our  Lives, Modern Age, Crawling &Just Like The Light.

Modern Age stood out to me the most, with its empowering chorus, this is to be released on the 14th of December and I can’t wait.

It’s going to be a release well worth the wait, they are so professional as a whole and inspiring to hear live.

You know a band is good when they can perform live to an audience they barely know and kicked off the first of their tour in an iconic music venue in Manchester.

The intimacy of the set, with it’s small corridor like shape only helped the music travel, it could be heard from the back and I somehow felt raw and more capturing than the performance has in the past in bigger venues.

This is one of the better, more hyped up sets to date I have seen from Tom and I hope that you all catch him on the future tour.

tom lumley tour
Photo- (Sourced from Tom Lumley’s Official Fan page)

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Words Emily Vass

Musik Magazine

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