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Paper Jackets – What They Call a Life

Delivering a unique, sleek sound with memorable lyrics designed to be sung at the top of your lungs, paper Jackets have crafted a wonderfully anthemic catalogue of singles that would make a great addition to any festival lineup (remember festivals? Or just going outside? Ah, good times). Now, they’ve provided a bright light amidst dark times with their latest release “What They Call a Life”, a chest-beating slice of power-pop designed to get your blood pumping.

The single contrasts its catchy hooks and slick production with lyrics focusing on introspection, vulnerability, and the ability to remain optimistic in spite of personal issues. It’s a song about having strength throughout life, Keeping friends and family close and remembering the god things you have. It’s not the most subtle or original message, but it’s a positive one that we could do with more of nowadays.

Musically, “What They Call a Life” grabs you from the start. It’s filled with killer guitar hooks, propulsive drum beats and a thunderous pace. The track builds and builds to an explosive chorus, one that’s catchy and gig-worthy, but with enough small details, like the harmonised backing vocals, to make it stand out.

While the single is currently missing the live setting to was made for, it won’t be long until it’s unleashed on crowds and can prosper in it’s natural habitat.

Words Jack Murphy

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