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Rosa – All My Life

‘Rosa’ is a Preston based band heavily inspired by the Beatles. Able to perform a range of material from ballads to pop songs; they do not disappoint. Rosa has performed at many gigs; the brew room and the market ale house is just a few. The Ale House speaks highly of the band, ‘usually part of a full band Matt and James provide a unique acoustic gig here that’s well worth a watch’. Not only do they perform incredibly as a four, but also as a pair.

Their latest single, ‘all my life’ is a perfectly crafted song – from the strong vocals to the mics used from the ’60s. When speaking to a band member he told me that the drum and guitar sounds featured in this song were taken from The Beatles revolver album. He also mentioned that the song itself is more like the 63/64 era. The lyrics are telling a story of romanticising a one-night stand,‘ I asked her if it was alright / she took me by my hand and laid her eyes on me / yes if it’s just for tonight, oh no / yes if it’s for all my life. ’

Having listened to this song on loop for the past few days; I can safely say Rosa has become a new favourite band of mine. I cannot wait to hear them promote ‘all my life’ at their upcoming gigs.

Click here to listen.

Words Megan Lowing

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