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eee gee – Favourite Lover

eee gee is Danish singer-songwriter.

At first glimpse you feel such a positive uplifting vibe to her songs, on closer inspection they have a darker and deeper meaning.

New music video for track ” Favourite Lover” brings you in to an alternate universe where everybody looks extravagant and vintage. Think french Mary Antoinette era clones, all dancing the same and acting the same.

A modern dressed outsider then becomes part of their clan only to wake up at the end with an unusual consequence of what could be a dream.

The longer she spent in this alternative place the more she became like them, the song promoting self love whilst the character in the video becomes gradually less like her original self.

eee gee’s perfect mix of Nordic pop-melancholia, folk and country brings an alternative vibe to your music taste.

‘Favourite Lover’ is eee gees first release and will be out Worldwide on Future Classic and will be followed by several releases to come from eee gee in 2021.

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*Photo credit Niklas Adrian

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