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C.Shirock – Confess Your Love

A brave show of raw emotion expressing the instant connection of a deeper love, pop artist C.Shirock has released his long anticipated new single “Confess Your Love”, a powerful and musically layered anthem with an instant impact.
Synthscapes and drama litter the inner walls of a track about passion with immaculate production matching the lyrical hooks and soulful vocals reminiscent of a George Michael or Prince but also unique to the artist.
 “It tells the story of a couple meeting and their beginning…those little chance encounters that if we take them, can change the entire course of our lives” explains the Nashville based singer and songwriter.  
C.Shirock grew up in a family of musicians.
His mother was a professional ballet dancer, his father an avid guitarist and his grandfather an accomplished jazz pianist.
Having pursued his own successful career C.Shirock describes his songwriting as vulnerable and honest, “whether it’s capturing a feeling, or telling a specific story, it’s always based on my own life.
If it doesn’t come out of my own emotional experience, it feels inauthentic and I don’t feel connected to it”.
Ready for a big change,  C.Shirock moved from an internationally acclaimed band to pursue a solo career and hit the soundwaves with this new and exciting song.
The singer-songwriter has performed at major festivals across the US and UK and his music has featured on multiple TV networks including MTV, NBC and ABC.
Words Mike Kneafsey
Photo – (sourced from social media)

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