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Indigo Youth @ Odd Frog

Arriving at soundcheck, always an awkward time, all the shuffling about, I sat and ordered a Jack Daniels as you do, then sat and watched as the bands fidgeted about setting up.

I got a real feel for the place immediately, a lovely music venue in Barrow in Furness. It’s got long wooden tables, serves posh nachos on plates like slabs, it was all very modern and pricey.

The band WolfPeake were on first for soundcheck and they gave a certain Deaf Havana vibrancy.

When Indigo Youth came to perform they had such an individual way of holding themselves, presenting their music to the audience and of course their performance.

They work the audience, get them up on their feet, you can tell the entire band are enjoying themselves and feeling the presence of the music right there with them.

That’s one of the best qualities to have as a musician, not doing it to just be known but because they enjoy making the tracks, writing and the whole creative process.

They performed a personal favourite of mine Neon Nights. It’s so catchy and Musik have reviewed the track previously. Click here to have a read.

Now I’ve heard through the grapevine that they are planning to come to Manchester next year and also their is rumour of a new release.

I heard a demo today and let me tell you they have big plans, they are an incredible enthusiastic band that are full of talent.

The only issue with the performance is that they weren’t turned up loud enough at the sound desk !

Words Emily Vass

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